WordPress Web Development (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

This course is designed for anyone wishing to build sophisticated websites by leveraging the power and versatility provided by the WordPress platform. Delegates will get hands-on experience of constructing a wide variety of websites using free themes and plugins.

Migrating a Static Site to WordPress

WordPress versus static sites – the differences; Understanding how WordPress stores content; WordPress files; Theme and plugin files and uploads; Database; Installing WordPress; Installing WordPress using an installer; Installing WordPress manually; Downloading the WordPress files; Creating a database on your server using phpMyAdmin; Uploading WordPress to your server; Activating the WordPress installation script; The WordPress Dashboard and administration screens; Keeping your old site live while setting WordPress up; Installing a theme; Introducing the WordPress theme repository; Choosing a theme; Customizing your theme using the theme customizer; Customizing your theme via the Themes options screens; Customizing colors; Customizing fonts; Adjusting your site’s settings; Adding content to your site; Types of content in WordPress; Importing content with the importer tool; Importing content manually; Copying text from your old site; Copying code from your old site; Creating new pages and posts; Uploading images and media; Adding images to your posts and pages; Adding PDF files to your posts and pages; Setting up navigation menus and widgets; Creating the main navigation menu; Adding widgets; Installing plugins; Making your WordPress site live

Creating an E-commerce Site

Planning your e-commerce site; Planning product and department structure; Planning payment methods; Planning shipping rates; Making your store secure with SSL; Buying an SSL certificate; Adding SSL to your WordPress installation; Installing WooCommerce and the Storefront theme; Installing WooCommerce; Installing the Storefront theme; Customizing the Storefront theme; Adding store pages to your site’s navigation; Adding widgets to the store theme; Configuring WooCommerce settings; Configuring the general settings; Configuring the product settings; Configuring the tax settings; Configuring the checkout settings; Configuring the shipping settings; Configuring the account settings; Configuring the e-mail settings; Adding products to your store; Adding physical products; Adding virtual products; Adding downloadable products; Updating the navigation; Managing your store; Managing orders; Summary

Creating a Video Streaming Site

Planning your video streaming site; Streaming from YouTube or uploading videos directly?; Understanding copyright considerations; Creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos; Creating your YouTube channel; Uploading videos; Installing and configuring the YouTube plugin; Installing the Automatic YouTube Video Posts plugin; Configuring the plugin settings; Adding a YouTube channel or playlist; Creating a category for a playlist; Adding your channel or playlist to the plugin; Installing and configuring a suitable theme; Installing the theme; Creating a navigation menu; Adding a text widget to the sidebar; Managing and updating your videos; Summary

Creating a Review Site

Planning your review site; Creating the site and installing a theme; Installing the WP Customer Reviews plugin; Configuring the plugin’s settings; Configuring the discussion settings; Viewing reviews; Creating posts for our review site; Creating the posts; Enabling reviews for posts; Submitting reviews; Moderating and publishing reviews; Adding maps to our review site; Installing the CP Google Maps plugin; Configuring the CP Google Maps plugin; Adding maps to posts; Tidying up the site – adding widgets; Summary

Creating a Jobs Board

Planning your jobs board; Installing and configuring the WP Job Manager plugin; Installing the WP Job Manager plugin; Configuring the WP Job Manager plugin; Adding pages; Configuring Job Listings; Configuring Job Submission; Configuring pages; Creating Job Categories; Defining the front page; Installing and configuring a theme; Installing the Vantage theme; Configuring Theme Settings; Creating a menu; Configuring widgets; Adding Job Listings; Adding a job via the admin screens; Adding a job via the website; Moderating and approving Job Listings; Managing Job Listings; Marking jobs as filled; Editing jobs; Searching and applying for jobs; Managing users; 9. Creating a Gallery Site; Installing a theme; Installing the NextGEN Gallery plugin; Adding galleries; Creating posts to display galleries; Adding a gallery to a post; Adding a featured image from your gallery; Editing images; Rotating images; Cropping thumbnails; Creating an album; Creating the album using the NextGEN Gallery plugin; Displaying an album in a page; Adding a menu and widgets; Adding a menu; Adding widgets; Summary

Creating a Membership Site

Designing and planning your membership site; Installing the Paid Memberships Pro plugin; Configuring membership settings; Setting up membership levels; Creating pages for membership management; Configuring Payment Settings; Configuring Email Settings; Configuring Advanced Settings; Configuring Reading Settings; Adding a menu and widgets to the site; Creating a navigation menu; Adding widgets; Adding content to your site; Assigning membership levels to posts; Registering and accessing content; The registration screen; Logging in to the site