HTML 5 and CSS3 Introduction (1 day)

This course is designed for beginners and provides delegates with a thorough grounding in the use of of HTML elements, text display, tables and forms, and the role of CSS in styling HTML elements.

HTML Document Structure

Structuring HTML Documents, Defining HTML Documents, Supporting Legacy Browsers, Organizing Content, Creating Document Sections, Identifying The Main Content, Using Headings Properly, Building Navigation, Properly Nesting Structure, Structuring Headers, Structuring Footers, Checking Document Structure, Sectioning Roots

Using Lists

Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists, Creating Definition Lists, Inserting Special Characters, Inserting Horizontal Lines

Creating Hyperlinks and Anchors

Hyperlinking to a Web Page, Hyperlinking to an E-Mail Address, Creating and Hyperlinking to Anchors, Hyperlinking to Other Content

Introduction to Style Sheets

Understanding Styles, Constructing Style Rules, Creating Styles for Nested Tags, Creating Classes and IDs for Applying Styles, Applying Styles to Hyperlinks, Creating and Linking to External Style Sheets

Formatting Text by Using Style Sheets

Specifying a Font Family, Specifying a Font Size and Color, Applying Bold and Italics, Applying Strikethrough and Underlining, Creating Inline Spans, Adjusting Spacing Between Letters

Formatting Paragraphs by Using Style Sheets

Indenting Paragraphs, Applying a Border to a Paragraph, Specifying the Horizontal Alignment of a Paragraph, Specifying Vertical Space Within a Paragraph

Displaying Graphics

Selecting a Graphics Format, Preparing Graphics for Web Use, Inserting Graphics, Arranging Elements on the Page, Controlling Image Size and Padding, Hyperlinking from Graphics, Utilizing Thumbnail Graphics, Including Alternate Text for Graphics