HTML 5 and CSS3 Advanced

Our HTML 5 and CSS3 Advanced course covers the use of CSS for responsive page layout, CSS Transitions and Transforms and working with video and audio.

Creating CSS Based Layouts

Understanding the Box Model, Creating DIVs, Positioning DIVs, Formatting DIVs

Creating Navigational Aids

Planning Your Site’s Organization, Creating a Text-Based Navigation Bar, Creating a Graphical Navigation Bar, Creating an Image Map, Redirecting to An External URL

Creating User Forms

Creating a Basic Form, Creating Check Boxes and Option Buttons, Creating Menus, Specifying the Form Action, Get and Post Methods

CSS Transitions and Transforms

Transition basics; Exploring transition options

2D transform fundamentals

Coding 3D transitions; Enhancing (and not degrading) the user experience

Simple 2D Transitions and Transforms

Animating color changes; Fading objects in and out; Growing page elements; Automatically spinning logos; Adjusting font sizes

Video And Audio Basics

Understanding Html5 Video And Audio, The State Of Html5 Video And Audio, Understanding The Format War, Configuring Your Server To Deliver Html5 Media Formats