ASP.NET (3 days – £1,785, plus VAT)

This in-depth introductory course is designed to thoroughly familiarise developers with the ASP.Net environment.

Basic concepts

The .Net Framework, Development options, Using a text editor, Benefits of Visual Studio.Net, Benefits of Dreamweaver MX, Language options, VB.Net versus C#

Visual Basic.Net essentials

Variable types, Variable scope, Arrays, Conditional statements, Looping structures, Sub procedures and functions, Classes

Web Forms

Web Forms defined, HTML Server controls, ASP.Net Server controls, Form Validation controls, User controls, Calendar control, CheckBox control, RadioButton control, DropDownList control, Data binding controls

Data access features

Overview of ADO.Net, Connecting to a data source, Retrieving data, Binding data, The DataGrid control, The DataList control, Parameterised SQL statements, Adding records, Updating records, Deleting records, Using ADO.Net with XML

Web applications

The ASP.Net application, Global.asax, Application state management, Session state management, Handling cookies, Keeping track of sessions, HTTP Handlers and Factories


What is caching, Page output caching, Page data caching, Page fragment caching

Web services

Web services overview, Creating web services, Accessing web services, Using data in web services, Using objects and intrinsics

Debugging & error handling

The Trace object, Application-level tracing, The SDK debugger, Basic error handling techniques, The Err object, Using Try and Catch