Android Development (3 days – £1,785, plus VAT)

This course is designed for beginners and covers: about Android; getting started; development fundamentals; defining activity layouts; working with application events; displaying images; working with menus and the action bar; managing navigation; supporting multiple screens; managing app appearance with styles and themes; and working with data.

About Android

Exploring The History Of Android, Understanding The Android App Framework, Exploring Android’S Implementation Of Java

Getting Started

Creating Your First Android App, Exploring Android Studio, Creating Virtual Devices For Testing, Connecting Physical Devices For Testing, Adding The Command Line Tools To The System Path, Exploring The Sdk’S Command Line Tools

Development Fundamentals

Exploring The Structure Of An Android Project, Managing Gradle Build Scripts, Managing The App Manifest File, Working With App Resources

Defining Activity Layouts

Defining Screens With Layout Resource Files, Exploring The Layout Design Interface, Designing Screens With Viewgroup And View Classes, Understanding Units Of Measurement, Laying Out Screens With Linearlayout, Laying Out Screens With Relativelayout, Adding Views To A View Group With Java Code, Collecting And Displaying Text Values, Challenge: Create A Registration Form, Solution: Create A Registration Form

Working With Application Events

Tracing State Changes With Logcat, Handling User Events With Layout File Properties, Handling User Events With Java Code, Understanding The Activity Lifecycle, Handling Lifecycle Events With Java Code, Handling Orientation And Other Configuration Changes

Displaying Images

Displaying Image Resources With Imageview, Displaying Drawable Images At Runtime, Loading Images From The Assets Folder

Working With Menus And The Action Bar

Defining A Menu In An Xml Resource File, Adding Items To A Menu At Runtime, Displaying Menu Items In The Action Bar

Managing Navigation

Creating New Activities And Layouts, Using Explicit Intents To Start New Activities, Finishing And Returning From A Secondary Activity, Passing Data To An Activity As Intent Extras, Returning Date To A Parent Activity, Opening Activities With Implicit Intents

Supporting Multiple Screens

Dealing With Android Market Fragmentation, Creating A Custom Launcher Icon, Creating Drawable Resources For Multiple Screens, Creating Stretchable Ninepatch Graphics, Laying Out A Screen With Fragments

Managing App Appearance With Styles And Themes

Defining And Using Styles, Applying Application Themes, Creating An App With Material Design, Customizing Material Design With Styles

Working With Data

Working With Collections Of Data, Displaying Data In A List, Handling List-Item Events, Displaying Details In A Secondary Activity, Customizing List-Item Displays, Challenge: Create An App With List And Detail Activities