Adobe Photoshop Introduction (1 day)

This course is designed for beginners and covers: Photoshop environment; working with colors and painting; colors & painting; editing tools; drawing & editing tools; working with selections; working with layers; adjusting images; and using Adobe bridge.

Photoshop Environment

Learning The Interface, Opening An Existing File, Using The Status Bar, Using The Tools Panel, Using Photoshop Panels, Changing Screen Modes, Using The Zoom Tool And The Navigator Panel, Using The Undo & Step Backward Commands, Changing The Color Scheme, Creating A New Image, Saving Your WorkOn Your Own

Working With Colors And Painting

Setting The Foreground And Background Color, Using The Color Picker, Using The Color Panel, Using The Swatches Panel, Coloring With The Brush Tool, Coloring With The Paint Bucket Tool, Using The Eyedropper Tool, Working With Gradients, Colours & Painting

Editing Tools

Using Copy And Paste, Using The History Panel, Using The History Brush Tool, Using The Magic Eraser Tool, Using The Background Eraser Tool, Using The Pencil Tool, Using The Clone Stamp Tool, Using The Pattern Stamp Tool, Using The Dodge And Burn Tools, Using The Sponge Tool, Using The Healing Brush Tool, Using The Spot Healing Brush Tool, Using The Patch Tool, Using Content-Aware Fill, Using The Color Replacement Tool, Using The Red Eye Tool

Working With Selections

Using The Marquee Tools, Using The Lasso Tools, Using The Paste Into Command, Using The Magic Wand Tool, Using The Quick Selection Tool, Using The Crop Tool, Feathering Selections, Modifying Selections, Transforming Selections, Saving And Opening Selections

Working With Layers

Understanding Layers, Creating And Deleting Layers, Selecting Layers, Selecting Multiple Layers, Linking And Hiding Layers, Merging Layers, Setting Layer Opacity, Using Layer Comps, Locking Layers, Setting Layer Blending Modes, Color Coding And Renaming Layers, Adding Adjustment Layers, Adding Fill Layers, Creating Smart Objects, Auto-Aligning Layer Contents, Auto-Blending Layer Contents

Adjusting Images

Resizing Images, Scaling And Rotating Images, Skewing Images, Adjusting Distort And Perspective, Warping Images, Adjusting Brightness And Contrast, Setting Hue And Saturation, Adjusting Shadows And Highlights, Setting The Color Balance, Using Levels, Using Curves, Replacing Color, Matching Color, Converting An Image To Black & White, Duplicating Images

Using Adobe Bridge

The Adobe Bridge Workspace, Adding Folders To Favorites, Adding Metadata To Images, Adding KeyWords To Images, Changing The Sort Order Of Folders, Rating And Labeling Files, Filtering Files In A Folder, Grouping Files Into Collections, Grouping Files Into Stacks, Using Mini Bridge