Adobe Photoshop for the Web

Scheduled courses in Peterborough or £595, plus VAT, on-site.

This course is designed for beginners and covers: document setup; web colour; creating shapes; working with text; buttons and layer styles; creating a prototype website; slicing, optimizing and exporting; and animation.

Document Setup

Creating A New Web Document, Setting Up A Grid, Using The Snap To Grid Option, Displaying And Hiding The Grid

Web Colour

Overview Of Web Colour, Customizing Swatches, Applying Colour

Creating Shapes

Creating Vector-Based Shapes, Creating Pixel-Based Shapes, Filling And Stroking, Using Smart Objects, Using Imported Images, Cropping And Resizing Images

Working With Text

Creating Text Labels, Creating Paragraph Text, Web-Safe Fonts, Using Adobe Typekit And Google Web Fonts, Downloading Google Web Fonts, Using Character And Paragraph Styles

Buttons And Layer Styles

Techniques For Creating Buttons, Applying Layer Styles To Buttons, Using Bevel And Emboss, Using Drop-Shadows

Creating A Prototype Website

Using Layer Comps To Simulate Multiple Web Pages, Creating Navigation Controls, Creating Backgrounds, Creating Form Fields

Slicing, Optimizing And Exporting

Overview Of Slices, Using The Slice Tool, Creating Layer-Based Slices, Modifying Slices, Naming Slices, Image And No Image Slices, Assigning Urls, Overview Of Web File Formats, Using The Save For Web Dialog


Using The Timeline,, Working With Frames, Using The Tween Command, Animating Visibility, Tweening Position, Tweening Opacity, Tweening Effects, Setting Frame Duration