InDesign EPUBs and Ebooks (1 day – £595)

This one day course is meant for experienced InDesign users who want to repurpose print documents for EPUB and other ebook formats.

Ebook Overview

What is an ebook?, How do I find and sell ebooks?

EPUB Production Basics

Examining the EPUB file format, How does an INDD file become an EPUB?, Understanding what can and can’t be converted from INDD to EPUB, Setting up an EPUB workspace, Installing scripts

Preparing an InDesign Publication for EPUB Export

Naming files for EPUB compatibility, Creating a navigation table of contents (TOC) with a TOC style, Creating chapter breaks based on a paragraph style, Creating a navigation TOC with an InDesign book, Using a TOC style in combination with an InDesign book, Managing the sequence of content, Using the layout order to manage content flow, Using the Articles panel to manage content flow

Modifying Text and Images for EPUB Export

Maintaining text frame spacing, Converting local formatting to styles, Using free scripts to automate text formatting , Mapping paragraph styles to CSS tags, Preparing tables for optimal conversion, Adding a custom TOC as the first page of an EPUB file, Including fonts in an EPUB, Adding metadata to the InDesign file or book

Optimizing Images for EPUB Export

Adding alt tags to images and objects, Converting InDesign objects to images, Specifying image resolution and appearance, Setting image position controls, Working with PNG and transparency, Creating a cover image, Adding video to the EPUB

Exporting to EPUB2 and EPUB3

Choosing general export options, Choosing export options for images, Choosing advanced export options

Previewing and Validating EPUB Files

Previewing EPUBs on your computer, Previewing for the iBooks app, Validating EPUB2 and EPUB3 files

Editing EPUB Files for Functionality

Getting inside an EPUB file, Understanding the anatomy of EPUB2 and EPUB3 files, Choosing an EPUB editor, Using Dreamweaver to edit EPUBs, Modifying the navigational TOC, Adding and editing metadata, Creating a guide section for iBooks

Editing EPUB Files for Formatting

Editing the XHTML files and using GREP, Editing the CSS file to tweak formatting, Setting up line, margin, and paragraph spacing, Creating pull quotes and text wraps, Creating internal and external links

Converting an EPUB to Other Ebook Formats

Exploring the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) portal, Designing for the Kindle MOBI and KF8 formats, Using Kindle Plugin for InDesign, Converting with KindleGen and Kindle Previewer, Converting EPUB for other resellers