Adobe InDesign Introduction (1 day)

Our Introductory InDesign training course gives a thorough grounding in how the program approaches page layout tasks and the use of the tools and panels. You will learn to create and import text, add graphics to a page, wrap text around images and embedded clipping paths, use master pages to add headers and footers to your documents and use paragraph and character styles to maintain consistency in longer documents. By the end of this course, delegates should feel confident about using InDesign to create brochures, newsletters, reports, fliers and other similar publications.


Creating and saving a document, The InDesign approach to page -layout, Overview of features, Exploring the interface, Overview of tools, Overview of palettes, Navigating through documents, Zooming in and out, Print Preview and Print

Working with text

Text frames, Importing text, Character formatting, Paragraph formatting, Indentation of text, Working with tabs, Find and replace and Spell-checker, Running text around an image, Creating threads

Master Pages

How master pages work, Creating master pages , Inserting page numbers, Applying master pages, Unlocking master page items


Benefits of using styles, Creating character styles, Creating paragraph styles, Setting parent and child styles, Applying styles, Importing styles, Document and default styles

Working with graphics

Graphic frames, Overview of graphic formats, Importing graphics, Resizing graphics, Cropping graphics, Using the Links palette, Using in-line graphics, Wrapping text around graphics, Using clipping paths


Creating tables, Formatting tables, Imported tab delimited text, Importing Word tables, Importing Excel tables, Filling alternating rows or columns

Page layout

Setting margins, Using a layout grid, Creating custom guides, Multi-columns layouts, Using frame-based columns, Using page-based columns