Adobe InDesign Interactive Documents (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

This course is designed for beginners and covers: setting up InDesign for working with interactive documents; types of interactive documents you can make with InDesign; working with interactive objects; using navigation tools; multimedia tools; tools for creating digital publishing apps; tools for creating epubs; tools for adapting layouts; interactive document workflows; and advanced InDesign workflows for interactive documents.

Setting Up Indesign For Working With Interactive Documents

Setting Preferences, Customizing The Workspace, Understanding Document Intent, Creating Document Presets

Types Of Interactive Documents You Can Make With Indesign

Overview Of Interactive Document Types, Pdf Publications, Pdf Forms, Accessible Pdfs, Pdf Presentations, Swf Presentations, Epub Ebooks, Fixed-Layout Epubs

Working With Interactive Objects

Overview Of Interactive Objects, Understanding Buttons, Understanding Form Objects, Understanding Multistate Objects

Using Navigation Tools

Using Hyperlinks, Using Cross-References, Using Bookmarks, Using A Table Of Contents, Using Navigation Buttons, Using Page Transitions

Multimedia Tools

Understanding Media Formats, Using The Media Panel, Using The Animation Panel, Using The Timing Panel, Adding Html Animation From Adobe Edge

Tools For Creating Digital Publishing Apps

Understanding The Digital Publishing Suite, Using The Folio Builder Panel, Creating Folio Overlays, Using The Folio Producer

Tools For Creating Epubs

Using The Articles Panel, Using Anchored Objects, Setting Object Export Options, Setting Paragraph Style Export Tagging, Creating Navigational Tables Of Contents, Previewing Epub Interactivity

Tools For Adapting Layouts

Indesign Documents For Mobile Devices, Using Liquid Layout, Using Alternate Layouts, Using Primary Text Frames, Linking Page Items, Using Text Style Mapping

Interactive Document Workflows

Designing For Interactivity, Interactive Pdf Workflow, Swf Workflow, Reflowable Epub Workflow, Fixed-Layout Epub Workflow, Dps Workflow, Xml Workflow

Advanced Indesign Workflows For Interactive Documents

Using Layers In Interactive Documents