Adobe Dreamweaver Advanced (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

Do you know the basics of Dreamweaver Are you ready to take your knowldege to the next level with JavaScript, Spry and jQuery This course will show you how to add more complexity and interactivity to your web pages by using CSS, JavaScript behaviors and Spry and jQuery widgets. The course also covers the advanced use of templates, site management and testing.

JavaScript Behaviors

Attaching a behavior to the entire document, Attaching a behavior to an object, Modifying a behavior, Swap image, Browser detection, Plug-in detection, Messages and pop-up windows, Show/Hide layers

Using Spry

What is Spry, The Spry Assets folder, Spry Tabbed Panels, Spry Accordion, Spry Collapsable Panel, Spry Menu Bar


JQuery and JQueryUI overview

jQuery Accordion, jQuery Autocomplete, jQuery Button, jQuery Datepicker, jQuery Dialog, jQuery Menu, jQuery Progressbar, jQuery Slider, jQuery Spinner, jQuery Tabs, jQuery Tooltip

Advanced CSS

Using Dreamweaver’s web fonts manager, Using HTML5 headings, CSS3 multiple-column layouts, CSS3 typeface options, Applying CSS3 text effects , Rotating text using CSS transform

Advanced templates

Creating repeating regions, Creating repeating tables, Alternating background colours, Creating nested templates, Editable regions in nested templates, Creating repeating regions, Creating optional regions

Site management and testing

Site preferences, Check In and Check Out, Using design notes, File View Columns, Cloaking and uncloaking sites, Creating site reports, Synchronising local and remote sites, Testing a site, Repairing broken links, Search and Replace HTML code, Searching specific tags, Saving searches, Using regular expressions