Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Introduction (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

This course is designed for beginners and covers: digital Publishing Suite (dps) essential concepts; getting started; folio basics; article basics; working with buttons; working with audio and video; working with animation; working with HTML and web content; working with image-based overlays; working with scrolling content; working with slideshows; linking and navigation; and beyond the basics.

Digital Publishing Suite (Dps) Essential Concepts

What Is Dps?, Single Edition Vs. Multifolio Apps

Getting Started

Installing And Updating Dps Tools, Install Adobe Content Viewer On Mobile Devices, Inside The Adobe Content Viewer, Creating A Dps Workspace, System Requirements

Folio Basics

Naming Conventions And Folder Structure, Creating A Folio, Adding Cover Images

Article Basics

Creating Dps-Ready Document Presets, Importing Multiple Articles, Importing And Adding Single Articles, Setting Or Changing Article Order And Properties, Previewing Your Work On The Desktop, Previewing Your Work On A Device (Mac Only), Previewing Your Work On A Device From The Cloud, Updating An Article, Understanding Toc Images, Horizontal Vs. Vertical Swiping, Creating Smooth Scrolling Articles

Working With Buttons

Supported Button Actions, Buttons Vs. Hyperlinks

Working With Audio And Video

Supported Audio And Video Formats, Understanding Overlays, Streaming Video, Adding Audio And Video Controller Skins

Working With Animation

Adding And Configuring Image Sequences, Adding And Configuring Edge Animate Animations, Converting Indesign Animations To Html Using In5

Working With Html And Web Content

Using Local Html Content, Using Html From The Web, Adding Html Articles, Creating And Adding An Htmlresources.Zip File

Working With Image-Based Overlays

Adding A Panorama, Working With Pan & Zoom

Working With Scrolling Content

Adding Scrolling Content, Creating A Pull Tab

Working With Slideshows

Understanding And Creating Slideshows, Autoplay And Swipeable Slideshows, Controlling A Slideshow With Buttons, Managing Content In Multistate Objects

Linking And Navigation

Using The In-App Browser, Linking To External Apps From A Folio, Folio Navigation: Jumping To Pages And Articles

Beyond The Basics

Sharing With Others For Review, What You Should Know About Building An App, Planning For Other Devices, Understanding Dual-Orientation FoliOS