Apple Motion Training: Apple Motion Introduction (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

G Com Solutions Limited deliver onsite Apple Motion Training in all over the UK. We customize our Apple Keynote Training to match our client’s specific requirements.

Apple Motion Training

Apple Motion Training Course Outline

This two-day introduction shows delegates how to create striking and sophisticated footage using Apple Motion’s powerful set of features. The course provides practical, hands-on training on compositing, animation, motion graphics, visual effects, titles and 3D.

Motion Fundamentals

Getting Around in Motion, Motion templates, Project Properties, Importing files to the Canvas, Layers tab, and Timeline, Building a Composite, Importing Photoshop and Illustrator files, Making selections with Expose, Changing the layer order, Groups versus layers, Managing the Layers tab

Using the Motion Library

Importing files from the Content library, Applying a Glow filter to a layer, Keyframing filters, Copying filters and applying filters to a group, Controlling the filter order

Using Behaviors for Animation

Applying a Fade In/Fade Out and Grow/Shrink behavior to a still, Customizing a Motion Path, The Snap Alignment to Motion behavior, Text behaviors, Holding and looping animations

Using Keyframes for Animation

Moving a still’s anchor point and keyframing its scale, Deleting and disabling keyframes, Using the Keyframe Editor, Using Interpolation, Reversing keyframes, Converting behaviors into keyframes

Motion Graphics Design

Creating Content with Shapes, Generators, and Paint Strokes, Creating Text Effects, Working with Particle Emitters and Replicators, Using Audio

Visual Effects Design

Speed Changes and Optical Flow, Keying and Compositing

Exporting and Publishing

Creating your own project presets, Exporting a full-resolution copy of your project, Exporting a still image and image sequence, Exporting using Compressor

Introduction to 3D

Building a 3D Scene, X, Y and Z Rotation, Animating Cameras and Using Advanced 3D Features

Apple Motion Training Location

We can deliver training on Apple Motion at your offices, anywhere in the UK, or at our training centre in Peterborough:
Pinnacle House, 4-5 Newark Rd, Peterborough PE1 5YD