Apple Keynote Training: Keynote Introduction (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

G Com Solutions Limited deliver onsite Apple Keynote Training in all over the UK. We customize our Apple Keynote Training to match our client’s specific requirements.

Apple Keynote Training

Keynote Introduction Course Outline

This Apple Keynote Training Course is designed for users with little or no experience of using Keynote and provides a solid foundation in making the best use of Keynote’s powerful features. Delegates will learn how to set up master slides and placeholders; apply visual effects and animations; work with media objects; and prepare a Keynote presentation for delivery.

Learn Keynote Basics

Views, Toolbar, Inspectors, Master Slides and Themes, Objects

Plan Your Presentation

Use the Right Format for the Job, Figure Out What to Say, Decide on a Visual Approach, Launch Keynote

Create a Presentation

Choose a Theme, Add Slides, Organize Slides, Skip Slides, Use Outline View

Lay Out a Slide

Fill In Placeholders, Add More Objects, Move or Resize an Object, Adjust Alignment, Use Rulers and Guides, Group, Ungroup, and Lock Objects, Use Layers, Add Presenter Notes, Add Comments

Work with Media Objects

Add Media, Modify Images, Work with Movies and Sounds, Work with Shapes and Text Boxes, Add Links

Work with Text

Understand Text Formatting Scope, Modify Text Formatting, Modify Text Layout

Add Tables and Charts

Add a Table, Format a Table, Work with Formulas and Calculations, Add a Chart, Edit Chart Values, Adjust Chart Attributes

Define and Use Styles

Understand How Styles Work, Use Object Styles, Use Text Styles

Work with Animation

Add Slide Transitions, Use Magic Move, Animate Objects with Build Effects

Customize a Theme

Modify Master Slides, Reapply Master Slides, Save a Custom Theme

Deliver a Live Presentation

Customize the Presenter Display, Rehearse a Presentation, Set Up Your Display(s), Give a Live Presentation, Give a Remote Keynote Presentation

Apple Keynote Training Location

We can deliver training on Apple Keynote at your offices, anywhere in the UK, or at our training centre in Peterborough:
Pinnacle House, 4-5 Newark Rd, Peterborough PE1 5YD