Adobe Animate CC Introduction (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

This course is designed for beginners and covers: the role of Animate in digital development; introducing the Animate CC interface; creating graphics in Animate CC; working with text in an Animate CC document; understanding symbols in Animate CC; understanding ActionScript; understanding tweening in Animate CC; understanding how audio works with Animate CC; understanding how video works in Animate CC; and publishing an Animate CC document.

The Role of Animate in Digital Development

Introducing Animate, Understanding How Actionscript Fits into Animate

Introducing the Animate CC interface

Choosing The Type Of Document To Work With, Understanding Document Settings and Orientation, Modifying The Workspace, Understanding and Importing Bitmap and Vector Files, Understanding and Organizing Layers, introducing The Timeline, Frames, and Keyframes, Using Frames and Keyframes in a Project

Creating Graphics in Animate CC

Creating Shapes in The Merge and Object Drawing Modes, Using The Primitive and Gradient Transform Tools

Working with Text in an Animate CC Document

Using Classic Text, Structuring Text Placement in a Project, Embedding Fonts

Understanding Symbols in Animate CC

Introducing Symbols, Comparing Movie Clips and Graphic Symbols, Using Movie Clips in a Project, introducing Buttons, Adding Buttons To a Project

Understanding Actionscript

Timeline Control, Linking To An External Url, Creating interactive content

Understanding Tweening in Animate CC

Defining Motion Tweens, Combining Motion Tweens and Actionscript, Motion Tweening Tips and Tricks, Defining Shape Tweens, Nesting Timelines


Understanding how Audio Works with Animate CC

Importing and Adding Audio, Editing Audio

Understanding how Video Works in Animate CC

Converting Video With Adobe Media Encoder, integrating Video

Publishing an Animate CC Document

Cleaning Up and Optimizing Your File, Publishing and Deploying For Desktop Browsers, Understanding HTML Canvas