Adobe After Effects Introduction (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

This course is designed for beginners and covers: introduction; getting started; the fundamentals of After Effects; building compositions with layers; using effects; jumping into 3d; exporting and rendering; animating type and info graphics; and Project management and essential preferences.


Welcome, What Is After Effects?, Motions Graphics And Video Terminology, What Version Of After Effects Do I Have?, What’S New For 2015, Using The Exercise Files And Relinking Footage, Managing Keyboard Settings

Getting Started

Exploring The Interface Of After Effects, The Six Foundations Of After Effects, Understanding Compositions, Working With Layers, Creating Animation, Applying Effects, Introduction To 3D, Understanding Rendering

The Fundamentals Of After Effects

Importing Files Into After Effects, Exploring Composition And Project Settings, Importing Photoshop Files As Compositions, Importing Illustrator Files As Compositions, Understanding Pre-Compose, Importing And Interpreting Footage

Building Compositions With Layers

Defining Layers, Understanding The Timeline Buttons And Switches, Creating Type Layers, Kerning-Type Power Shortcuts, Understanding Layer Solids, Layer Compositing: Masks, Switches, And Blend Modes, Creating Design Elements With Shape Layers, Using Track MattesUnderstanding Animation, Adding And Adjusting Keyframes, Understanding Keyframe Interpolation, Adjusting Keyframes In The Graph Editor, The Power Of Parenting, Using Null Objects, Creating Expressions With The Pickwhip, Timing Animation To Audio

Using Effects

Understanding The Order Of Effects, Generating Backgrounds With Effects, Animating Strokes With Effects, Using Adjustment Layers, Adding Gradients And Glows, Correcting Exposure And Color With Color Finesse 3

Jumping Into 3D

Understanding 3D In After Effects, Intro To Cameras, Intro To Lights And Material Options, Positioning Layers In 3D Space, Animating Cameras, Creating Depth Of Field, Exploring The Ray-Traced 3D Renderer, A Quick Look At Cinema 4D Lite And After Effects

Exporting And Rendering

Rendering With Adobe Media Encoder, Rendering Graphics In The Render Queue, Prerendering With Render And Replace, Working Smarter: One Render, Multiple Outputs

Animating Type And Info Graphics

Creating Type Animators, Creating And Animating Type On A Path, Animating Shape Layers, Animating Repeating Shape Layers, Animating Brush Strokes With Paint

Project Management And Essential Preferences

Archiving Your Projects, Removing Unused Footage, Moving Compositions Between Projects