Adobe After Effects Expressions (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

This course is suitable only for those with considerable prior experience and covers: what are expressions?; creating expressions; linking properties together; fun and games with math; the expression language; no-brainer expressions; reacting to sound; expressions in 3d; color expressions; and text expressions.

What Are Expressions?

Understanding The Uses For Expressions

Creating Expressions

Changing The Numeric Value Of A Property, Using Words In Expressions, Editing Expressions With Math, Viewing The Post-Expression Graph, Saving Expressions As Presets, Applying Expressions With Presets, Understanding Expression Error Warnings

Linking Properties Together

Applying Expressions To Effects, Introducing The Pick Whip, Linking To Other Layers, Using Expression Control Effects, Copying And Pasting Expressions, Offsetting Values, Simplifying Expressions With Variables, Understanding Multidimensional Values And Arrays, Referencing Single Dimensions, Using Variable Values

Fun And Games With Math

Simplifying Expressions With Javascript Math Objects, Reviewing Order Of Operations For Mathematical Expressions, Referring To Value And Time, Offsetting Values In Time, Working With Sine And Cosine Functions, Creating Time Trails, Converting Ranges With The Linear Expression, Referring To Width And Height

The Expression Language

Creating Looping Animations, Wiggling The Position Of Objects, Setting Variable Wiggle Values, Exploring Other Options For Wiggle, Randomizing Values, Posterizing Time For Frame-Rate Effects, Referring To Layer Numbers With The Index Value, Interpreting Syntax Errors, Converting Expressions To Keyframes, Converting Values From Degrees To Radians

No-Brainer Expressions

Property Linking, Linking Camera Focus Distance To A Layer, Behaviors And Presets That Use Expressions, Scripts For Editing And Adding Expressions

Reacting To Sound

Creating Keyframes From Audio, Easing Ranges And Values, Adding Variety To Lip-Sync Animations

Expressions In 3D

Linking 2D And 3D Properties, Controlling 2D Effects In 3D Space

Color Expressions

Sampling Color From An Image, Converting Colors Between Rgb And Hls, Making Control Panels For Color

Text Expressions

Displaying Values As Numbers, Animating Data In Graphs, Formatting Strings And Text, Using Expression Selectors