Adobe After Effects

After Effects on-site training (£595, plus VAT, per day, for up to 10 users)

After Effects is an industry-standard software tool for creating visual effects and motion graphics for use in multimedia titles, film, video and web content. As an Adobe product, it integrates very well with Adobe Photoshop, Première and Illustrator.

Our After Effects Introduction course shows users how to organise and edit source clips and to create movie projects complete with special effects, titles and sound.

Our After Effects Expressions course is suitable only for those with considerable prior experience and covers: what are expressions?; creating expressions; linking properties together; fun and games with math; the expression language; no-brainer expressions; reacting to sound; expressions in 3d; color expressions; and text expressions.


We can offer you customised on-site training on Adobe After Effects at just £595 plus VAT, per day, for up to 10 users. Call us on 0800 1950 502 for details… wherever you are in the UK: Cleveland, Hampshire, Merseyside, Greater London, Humberside, Hertfordshire, Lancashire, Cornwall, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Avon, Bedfordshire, West Yorkshire, Surrey, Nottinghamshire, Berkshire, Berkshire, West Midlands, Shropshire, Greater Manchester, Tyne And Wear, West Midlands, North Yorkshire, Cumbria, Buckinghamshire, Somerset…