Adobe Fireworks Advanced (1 day – £595, plus VAT)


Our Advanced Fireworks course demonstrates the creation of complete web site designs using slices, JavaScript rollovers and pop-up menus.

Course Outline


Vectors and bitmaps, Switching modes , Creating geometric shapes , Constraining shapes , Creating polygons and stars, Creating paths , Using the pen tool , Manipulating points and curves , Reshaping vector graphics, Splitting and combining vectors


Adjusting brightness and contrast, Making tonal adjustments, Using the Levels filter, Using Curves to adjust images, Adjusting colour tones, Hue and saturation , Blurring and sharpening, Using Photoshop filters

Special effects

Creating bevelled edges, Embossing objects, Creating drop shadows, Glowing effects, Modifying live effects, Creating custom live effects , Saving live effects as styles, Using filters as live effects, Masking images, Bitmap and vector masks, Using text as a mask

Hotspots and slices

Modifying hotspots, Changing hotspot shapes, Creating slices based on an object, Converting vector paths to slices, Creating text slices, Recolouring slice objects, Recolouring slice guides, Assigning custom names, Customising the auto-naming style, Spacer images and tables, Updating individual slice object

Buttons and nav bars

The Down state, The Over While Down state, Modifying button text, Creating navigation bars, Nested symbols, Modifying nav bar button graphics

Rollovers and menus

Simple rollover behavior, Using drag-and-drop behaviors, Swap Image rollovers, Creating disjoint rollovers, Creating pop-up menus, Pop-up menu wizard, Menu fonts, colours and styles, Editing menu content, Position menu objects, Exporting pop-up menus